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February 04, 2006


Jonny the Great

dude, i happened to be passing by Cambie and Shell one day, and i got some chicken from the place. thought the chicken was okay, i mean its not bad, but its just very home style. one thing though, do you notice the interior of the place? i was tripping out about how antique it looked. even the wallpapers are looking yellow and stuff. and the microphone mounted on the cashier was one of those you see on old karaoke machines. seems like they havent had a renovation in decades-- definitely a pretty unreal experience!


Stumbled across your blog while searching for L.A. Chicken. Can't wait to try this place this weekend for lunch. First time for me. Great food blog by the way. I love Vij's and we have a party there tomorrow night, Lamb Popsicles anyone :)


LA Chicken is the best! Oh how I wish they had a location downtown.

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