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December 13, 2007



I am delighted that I was able to find what we in Europe call "Mandarines". Coop had them today and I bought a dozen and promptly ate half of them. They are not from Japan of course. Most come from Spain now.

I remember Japanese Oranges and in my head this is what I still call them. Back when I was a kid- a poor kid in Alberta- my dad would buy one box of these oranges in December. The box was made of wood and the oranges were individually wrapped in green paper. I may have loved december because of this.

The wooden box was a prize too. I turned it into a wagon, or a box of a plastic truck or made houses out of the pieces.

About your blog... I like the idea of a perfect meal. My wife and I travel a lot and what I remember about places is the food. I can remember specific meals back 20 years and If I think of paris I think of various places we had stopped to eat. I will keep your blog in mind for recipes.

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